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The Board of Directors is committed in ensuring that the Group practices good Corporate Governance in line with the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012 (“MCCG 2012”) issued by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. Set out below is a Statement on how the Company has applied the principles and complied with the recommendations set out in the MCCG 2012.
The AGM remains the principal platform for dialogue and interactions with the shareholders. At every meeting, the Chairman sets out the performance of the Group for the financial year then ended. Question and Answer session will then be convened wherein the Directors, Group CFO and the external auditors will be available to answer to the queries raised by the shareholders.

The Chairman of the Board will announce before the start of all general meetings the right of the shareholders to demand a poll in accordance with the AA of the Company. A full explanation for each resolution proposed at the AGM will usually be provided by the Chairman before the resolution is put to the vote. A press briefing, attended by the COO, ED and Group CFO, is also held after each AGM.