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Terms of Reference
The Audit Committee is established as a committee of the Board of Directors. The primary objectives of the Audit Committee are to:
  1. Provide assistance to the Board in fulfilling its statutory and fiduciary responsibilities for examinations of the Company and its subsidiaries (the "Group") and in monitoring the Group’s management of business/financial risk processes and accounting and financial reporting practices;
  2. Determine that the Group has adequate administrative, operational and internal counting controls and that the Group is operating in accordance with its prescribed procedures, codes of conduct and applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
  3. Serve as an independent and objective party in the review of the financial information presented by management for distribution to shareholders and the general public;
  4. Ensure that the Company’s financial statements complies with applicable financial reporting standards; and
  5. Provide direction and oversight over the internal audit function and the external auditors to enhance their independence from management.