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Canzo Sdn Bhd manufactures high-quality HDPE Plastic Jerry Cans that are particularly optimal for stacking and stuffing of a container. As we accommodate extensively to edible oil (Jerry Can) and pharmaceutical companies (HD Canister), we are obligated to adopt and consistently improve on our stringent guidelines and quality management systems to adhere to international quality standards. We also offer a wide selection of sizes to accommodate to customers of different industries and preference such as 1.8Litre to 25Litre and a variety of colours of white and yellow.

For more information about our Plastic Jerry Can, please contact :

Butterworth Branch, Pulau Pinang

Lawrence Ang
Tel: +6 04-331 4560
H/P No.: +6 019-410 8835

Tony Foo Mun Choong
Tel: +6 03-3122 1988
H/P No.: +6 012-379 3710
5 Litre HD Canister 10 Litre HD Canister  
3 & 5 Litre Jerry Can 8 Litre Jerry Can 10 Litre Jerry Can
18 Litre Jerry Can 20 Litre Jerry Can (yellow) 25 Litre Jerry Can