Journey to Sustainability
Our Sustainability Reports
Can-One Berhad’s journey in pursuit of sustainable value creation through good corporate governance and commitment to ESG initiatives started in 2017 at its Food Products division. A realignment was made in 2019 following a Corporate Exercise which saw the Food Products division disposed and Kian Joo Group of Companies became a wholly owned indirect subsidiary.

The Group continues to work at embedding sustainable practices across different facets of its business. Our progress in meeting our sustainable commitments to-date is tabled below: -

  • Establishment of Governance structure.
  • Reporting scope defined for Food Products Division only.
  • Conducted materiality matters assessment with key stakeholders.
  • Identified 7 material sustainability matters to focus upon.
  • Started data collection on Utilities, Production Waste, People, Training and Safety statistics.
  • Corporate exercise. Food Products Division disposed. exercise. Kian Joo Group of companies became an indirect wholly owned subsidiary.
  • Re-assessment of sustainability materiality matters and reporting scope.
  • Reporting scope covered Malaysia based operations.
  • Adoption of
    • Sustainability policy
    • Environment Policy
    • Code of Conduct
    • Procurement Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct
    • Anti-Corruption Policy & its SOPs
  • Adopted 9 material sustainability matters to focus upon.
  • Expanded the reporting scope to cover Vietnam operations.
  • Reassessment of Materiality Matters.
  • Engaged stakeholders in another survey. Results ranked and prioritised to 9 significant key material matters for adoption.
  • Targets set for the years 2021 and beyond.
  • Presented to Board and obtained approval for target adoption.
  • Tracking progress vs target
  • Report progress on bi-annual basis to the Board.
In the months ahead, we are working to align our reporting with UN Sustainable Development Goals and adopt Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) reporting for greater harmonisation.

As it is currently, the structure and content of our Sustainability Report draws from Bursa Malaysia’s Sustainability Reporting Framework.