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Terms of Reference
The Committee shall meet at least once a year. Additional meetings shall be scheduled as considered necessary by the Committee or Chairperson. The Committee may establish any procedures from time to time to govern its meetings, keeping of minutes and its administration.

The Committee may consult the Chairperson of the Board regarding proposals relating to the remuneration of the Chief Operating Officer/Executive Director. The Committee may consult other non-executive directors in its evaluation of the Chief Operating Officer/Executive Director. The Committee may request other directors and key executives to participate in Committee meetings, as necessary, to carry out the Committee’s responsibilities.

The Committee shall have access to such information and advice, both from within the Group and externally, as it deems necessary or appropriate in accordance with the procedures determined by the Board. The Committee may, if it thinks fit, secure the attendance of external advisers with relevant experience and expertise, and shall have the discretion to decide who else other than its own members, shall attend its meetings. No director or executive shall take part in decisions on his/her own remuneration.

The Secretary of the Committee shall be appointed by the Committee from time to time. Committee meeting agendas shall be the responsibility of the Committee Chairperson with input from Committee members. The Chairperson may also ask management to participate in this process.

The agenda for each meeting shall be circulated at least three days before each meeting to the Committee members and all those who are required to attend the meeting. Written materials including information requested by the Committee from management or external consultants shall be received together with the agenda for the meetings.

The Committee shall cause minutes to be duly entered in the books provided for the purpose of all resolutions and proceedings of all meetings of the Committee. Such minutes shall be signed by the Chairperson of the meeting at which the proceedings were held or by the Chairperson of the next succeeding meeting and if so signed, shall be conclusive evidence without any further proof of the facts thereon stated. The minutes of the Committee meeting shall be available to all Board members.

The Committee, through its Chairperson, shall report to the Board at the next Board of Directors’ meeting after each Committee meeting. When presenting any recommendation to the Board, the Committee will provide such background and supporting information as may be necessary for the Board to make an informed decision. The Committee shall provide such information to the Board as necessary to assist the Board in making a disclosure in the Annual Report in accordance with the recommendation of the MCCG 2012 and Appendix 9C Part A of the Listing Requirements.

Circular Resolutions signed by all the members shall be valid and effective as if it had been passed at a meeting of the Remuneration Committee.

The Chairperson of the Committee shall be available to answer questions about the Committee’s work at the Annual General Meeting of the Company.