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Terms of Reference
The duties of the Remuneration Committee shall include the following:
  1. To establish and recommend to the Board, a transparent remuneration structureand policy which attracts and retains executive directors (if any) and key executives and to review for changes to the policy, as may be necessary for alignment with the business strategy and long-term objectives of the Company;
  2. To review and recommend the entire individual remuneration packages for each of the Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director and, as appropriate, other senior executives, including: the terms of employment or contract of employment/service; any benefit, pension or incentive scheme entitlement; any other bonuses, fees and expenses; and any compensation payable on the termination of the service contract by the Company and/or the Group;
  3. To review the performance standards for key executives to be used in implementing the Group’s compensation programs where appropriate;
  4. To review and approve management’s recommendation on the salary increment of the Group’s executive employees (non-directors) and bonus and other benefits which should be made based on the individual’s performance and responsibilities and should be reasonable with reference to the level of compensation accorded by comparable companies or industry in line with the overall performance of the Group;
  5. To review and recommend to the Board regarding any proposed new share issuance scheme, share grant scheme and/or amendments to the existing scheme;
  6. To review and approve the granting of share options to the Group’s executives under any share issuance scheme, share grant scheme and to consider matters arising from implementation of share issuance scheme;
  7. To consider other matters as referred to the Committee by the Board.